Protecting Your Interests on Domestic Violence Charges

The attorneys of Shaw Law Ltd. practice in the real world, and we know that not every case we handle will feature “squeaky-clean” clients who have nothing to explain or regret. This is just as true in our family law practice as it is in our criminal defense work.

Allegations of domestic violence — whether true, exaggerated or completely fabricated — can complicate many aspects of a divorce or child custody dispute. If you need advice about the criminal or family law implications of a family violence charge or an order of protection under Illinois law, contact a Waukegan domestic violence attorney at Shaw Law Ltd. for a free in-office consultation.

As trial attorneys experienced with tough challenges in both the civil and criminal courts, we can investigate and evaluate the domestic violence case against you and protect your interests on the criminal side of the case.

At the same time, we can advise you about the best ways to protect other important interests: professional license, military career, gun rights, immigration status or access to your children. If an order of protection has been entered against you, we can give you specific advice about avoiding any violations while working on strategies for relieving you from the restrictions.

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Whether your case involves charges of spousal abuse, stalking, harassment, or serious assault violations, our lawyers can help you find a way to resolve the criminal problem while containing or overcoming the trouble a domestic violence charge can cause in other areas of your life.

For a free in-office consultation about your legal options for domestic violence charges across the full range of your concerns, contact an attorney at Shaw Law Ltd. in Waukegan.

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Mark Shaw founded the firm in 1995. Previously, he was a trial lawyer at Winston & Strawn, L.P. and Seyfarth Shaw, L.P. He received a B.S. Pharm., with honors, from Purdue University, and a J.D., magna cum laude, from Indiana University. He is a licensed pharmacist having practiced in Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky.

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