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Waukegan Paternity Attorneys

Assisting Illinois Parents With Paternity and Child Support

Paternity is a critical issue when it comes to child support, child custody and visitation rights. When the paternity of a child is unknown, whether in unmarried or married parental situations, it must be established in order to determine who pays for child support and has legal parental rights. Genetic and DNA tests can help with this. If you are a parent seeking to establish paternity, Shaw Law Ltd., can assist you. We also help fathers who are contesting paternity, even if they already are paying child support.

At Shaw Law Ltd., our experienced Waukegan paternity attorneys provide skilled and high-quality family law representation to people throughout Lake County, McHenry County and Northern Cook County, north of the Loop. If you need advice about paternity tests and child support, please contact us for a free in-office consultation.

Parental Rights, Paternity and Child Support

Until paternity is legally established, a father does not have parental rights. Even if someone's name is listed on a birth certificate, this does not necessarily give him any custody or visitation rights. However, if you believe you are the biological father and you are wishing to establish your legal rights as a parent, you can petition the court to order DNA testing. If paternity is established, you will have legal obligations to pay child support but also custody and visitation rights. Mothers can also petition for genetic testing if they are seeking child support from a potential father who denies paternity.

There are also those potential fathers who are denying paternity and seek to prove this through DNA testing. Establishing that someone is not the father would remove him from any child support obligations. Also, paternity is important for inheritance and death benefits purposes.

We do stress to our clients that the administrative agency handling child support can be very overwhelming. We are here to help you deal with this and will explain all your legal options. Remember, if you are legally required to pay child support, you can be criminally charged if you fail to do so. Take action now and discuss your paternity matters with Shaw Law Ltd.

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