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Waukegan Personal Injury Lawyer

Skilled Counsel in Serious Accident Cases North of Chicago

At Shaw Law Ltd., our trial attorneys help people establish their right to full and fair compensation for serious accident injuries: brain trauma, fractures, neck or back disc damage, or permanent spinal cord injury. To learn how our experience with personal injury claim settlement and litigation can benefit you in Lake County and Chicago's northern suburban communities, contact a Waukegan personal injury attorney at Shaw Law Ltd.

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Our goal in any accident case is to help recover the maximum compensation possible for the victim. In many cases, proving that the defendant was negligent is the least of your problems. Establishing the amount of the damages necessary to cover your losses can often be the real challenge.

We work with medical, vocational and rehabilitative experts from many fields to make sure that your injuries are properly diagnosed, treated and documented. We then use our experience with insurance claims adjusters to protect your interests. In some situations, you can expect just as much trouble dealing with your own insurer as you might with the other driver's insurance company, especially on medical expenses or underinsured motorist coverage.

Shaw Law Ltd. has seen a rising trend in recent years toward litigation and trial of personal injury claims. Insurance companies today are more willing to take their chances in court while standing by low settlement offers. While the choice to take a claim to trial always belongs to the client, our trial experience can help improve your bargaining leverage while protecting your interests in court.

Discuss Your Injury Claim with an Illinois Car Accident Lawyer

Examples of the kinds of cases we handle in settlement negotiations, mandatory arbitration or trial include:

  • Auto accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Injuries to pedestrians or bicycle riders
  • Medical malpractice claims against doctors, nurses, dentists or hospitals
  • Slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accidents
  • Injuries at work
  • Construction accidents
  • Fatal accidents
  • Pharmacist, pharmacy and pharmaceutical malpractice

We offer free in-office consultations in all accident cases, and we only collect an attorney's fee if we recover compensation on your behalf. To learn more about our approach to client service, contact Shaw Law Ltd. in Waukegan for a free in-office consultation with a personal injury lawyer.